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Endodontics is the dental specialty more commonly referred to as the root canal specialty.   There are many other situations, such as trauma and pain, where your dentist may refer you to an endodontic specialist to assess and determine the best course of treatment.  While all dentists are trained in diagnosis and treatment, endodontic specialists receive many years of advanced education and clinical practice.  The in-depth study of root canal techniques and procedures allow endodontists to diagnose and treat difficult cases that general dentists cannot.

We will take every measure to ensure that your procedure is as painless as possible.  If treatment is needed, we apply anesthesia to gently numb a concentrated area of your mouth.  For most patients, the feeling of numbness usually subsides after 2-3 hours.  Depending on the treatment, we will also prescribe pain medication to minimize the discomfort after the procedure.  These are generally not needed more than a couple of days following treatment.

You will need to go to your dentist promptly to complete the permanent restoration on your tooth.  We also recommend that patients return to our office 6-12 months after the procedure is finished.  A reminder notice will be sent to you before your followup appointment.

Typically, Roots schedules the patient for a consultation first.  Depending on the outcome, patient treatment could be started on the same day.  If additional appointments are necessary,  the completion treatment will be scheduled for the following week.

Costs are discussed during the consultation appointment.  At this time we will estimate the patient’s responsibility and insurance coverage (if applicable).  We will bill your insurance company directly and the patient’s portion is collected at the time of service. To learn more about your Dental Insurance Coverage  click here.

Roots Houston Endodontics accepts most dental insurance plans.  Patients with verifiable dental insurance are required to pay only their portion at the time of service.  We work with most major dental insurance companies and will bill them for you.  Before any treatment is performed, you will be given an estimate of the anticipated fee.  For your convenience, our office accepts personal checks, cash, debit cards, MasterCard, VISA, and Discover.  Payment plans are also available through Care Credit. We can assist you in completing the necessary paperwork and submitting your request.

Most patients do not have a problem working the day after a root canal.   Advil and Tylenol will usually take care of any discomfort.

After a root canal has either been started and/or completed, it is normal for your tooth to be sore for a few days.  Any possible discomfort will subside daily and should feel back to normal after a couple of weeks.  Dr. Abedin will prescribe pain medication if necessary.  Take the prescribed medication as directed.

It is recommended to immediately ice both cheeks for 15 minutes to relieve jaw muscle soreness.  Chewing any food should be avoided on the root canal treated tooth until your final restoration has been completed by your dentist.  If the gums are sensitive, rinse with warm salt water three times daily.  Please contact our office with any questions or concerns throughout your healing process.

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  • "Dr. Abedin is the ultimate professional. She is kind, caring, intelligent, confident, efficient, and discreet. I loved visiting her office, the beautiful atmosphere and competent staff put me at ease.  Her attention to detail is impressive.  I felt completely relaxed in her care, and would recommend her to everyone."
  • I had one of the best doctor visits and hands down best dental experience with Dr. Shadi Abedin. She is very knowledgeable and skillful in her field, and her relaxing demeanor is very sweet and personable.  My two root canals were extremely complex but she managed to complete both quickly and painlessly.  I never had any pain the next day whatsoever.  She definitely has magic fingers!

    It is a breath of fresh air to have such a great experience with any doctor these days, that it is something you want to share with the community.  I had a far superior experience with Dr. Abedin than I have had with the previous endodontists.  Bottom line, I would greatly recommend Dr. Abedin to any friend or a family member.

    Erik A. One of the Best Doctor Visits